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Gcwabe Tech Resources

9 Years Experience

Gcwabe Tech Resources has been in business since 2013. The company started from humble beginnings with primary focus on auto services and parts of ICT Solutions. However the company experienced a steady growth and brought on-board skilled senior members of the staff; with the aim of bringing professionalism and adding value to the client.

The company started introducing other fields of ICT business such as development and installation of broadband corporate, fibre optic networking and domestic solutions. The following are primary focus areas GCWABE TECHNOLOGIES business:

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Gcwabe Tech Resources

House of Values

Innovation is the second most important value within GCWABE TECH RESOURCES. It is this value that drives the business' competitive edge. All other values are based on innovation. We are constantly seeking better ways of doing business and delivering value-added services to the client and customers in general. Gcwabe Technologies is currently pursuing discussions with research houses for partnership in developing new business and technology solutions.
Intergrity is the most important value within GCWABE TECH RESOURCES. It is the cornerstone of all values. It is the criteria in which we measure even our staff and our way of doing business. It is this value that makes GCWABE TECH RESOURCES what it is today. It is the foundation of all we do and believe in..
the client can be sure to trust GCWABE TECH RESOURCES with their processes and the promise and expectation GCWABE TECH RESOURCES will make. GCWABE TECH RESOURCES will live up to the expectation we create to the client. We will keep our word and promise at all times.
GCWABE TECHNOLOGIES will maintain high level of competency at all times. In case we experience challenges on competent resources we will go all out to recruit best resources available in this country or around the world. Through years of experience of some of our experienced management team we managed to network with some of the finest skills in the world.
we also understand that for us to survive in this business we need to be the first to market. We need to be true to our word. What we promise our customer cannot be undone. We have to fulfil promises and expectation we create even at a cost to GCWABE TECH RESOURCES.
GCWABE TECH RESOURCES with its years of operational expertise; we have built a sound resource base which is well-networked and highly connected. We are partners with companies like Quantum Africa, X-10 Africa and Sithabile Technology Services, Microsoft, Kaspersky, McAfee, Broadband lnfraco Huawei, to mention but a few. Our resource pool has the following skill-set: Applications Development, systems Development and deployment. System’s Engineering, Solutions Development and Systems Architecture

Richard Smith

Data Analist

I would like to deeply thank you for the successful migration of our systems in Amsterdam. Planning, flawless collaboration and key interventions where needed, brought the desired outcome to the best possible degree. The team worked perfectly..

Jean-Louis Dutaut


Gcwabe Tech Resources is a company that embraces the customer’s vision and assists in turning it into reality..

Andrew Mulholland

Web Developer

9 years of non-stop collaboration, demonstrate confidence in Gcwabe Tech Resources and satisfaction for the company’s services.